Database Selection in iOS Sharesheet

I just purchased a new iPad Pro and instead of restoring a backup, I reloaded all my apps. When using devonthink on my new iPad to save a web page, I do not get an option to select the database to save my web page to. This worked previously on my iPad and is currently working on my iPhone. I am unsure what to do to correct this.

Have you set up DTTG to sync those databases?
The “clip to DEVONthink” extension gives me a choice of databases in my testing on my iPad Pro.

Yes, I have 4 databases setup to sync on the iPad. My previous iPad worked fine as far as being able to use the share sheet to clip a web page to a specific database. Now I am not given the option and can only clip the universal inbox. My iPhone also works just fine as before.

Could I have missed a setting that would prevent me from selecting a database to send a clipped web page to?

Are you seeing Clip To DEVONthink or Import to DEVONthink?

So I open safari, and select devonthink from the share sheet. I do not get an option to change the database like I did before upgrading to a new iPad. This ipad was setup as new and I did not restore a backup.

I deleted devonthink to go, rebooted my iPad, reinstalled devonthink to go and reloaded all 4 of my databases. Now i see the datase option when I attempt to clip a web page from safari but the selection inbox is grayed out and I cannot change to one of my already loaded databases.

Note the same behavior also occurs with chrome.

Please start a Support Ticket and include screencaps. Thanks.