Database size doesn't change

Yesterday I added a folder containing 16gb of video training files. Today I determined that it would be an unnecessary burden on my back up system (I keep a rotation of seven days of backups).

The addition of the videos moved the db file size from around 18 to 34 gb. When moved the folder out (I dragged and dropped it to my desktop) the database remained at 34gb. I quit DT and got the same answer. I then reboot and still 34gb. Lastly I did a “rebuild database”, rebooted and still 34 gb???

Any ideas.

Larry Dunville

Dragging a group from DEVONthink to the file system does not remove the data from DEVONthink. It copies it. DEVONthink is not Finder – you don’t move data from one folder (DEVONthink) to another (Finder) by dragging it.

This is a good thing – otherwise folks would forever be losing things by dragging them out of their databases.

If you want to completely remove data from DEVONthink then drag it out or export it, and go back to DEVONthink, delete the data, and empty the trash.