Database size

(Kudos for the new version. Much appreciated.)
For several reasons, I decided to import a folder full of PDFs (about 650 of them) to DT and to EagleFiler. The database size in DT = 659MB, whereas the one in EagleFiler = 34.8 MB. Any idea why this is?

Because DT is actually holding the PDFs and the contained text (indexed text), where EagleFiler is only holding the text.

You can select to “index” PDFs instead if import them if you want the DT database size to be closer to the EagleFiler one. But then if you move the PDFs you’ll cause issues.

If you open the DT database (right click… view contents) you can see the PDFs in there.

My DT database takes up a whopping 1.25 gigs, far more than the documents contained would take up if they were just sitting on my hard drive. Closer inspection of the database (throught the magic of looking at the package contents) has revealed an absolute mess of files sitting there that I had deleted from DT ages ago.

I can only suspect that it’s something to do with this monolithic file format that DT uses. Rebuilding the database of 300 items resulted in DT losing almost 100 of them in the export, and the leftover 207 items in my database now take up 1.27 gigs of space.

I hope that something is remedied in the next major release. I love DT, but it seems to be somewhat… less than competent in maintaining its own databases.