Database space usage - compact or optimization possible?

Hey folks,

some time ago my iPad (Air 256GB) ran out of space. Investigating I found that DT2go took about 200 GB of it (system settings values shown). I know that amount of memory of databases shown inside DT2go differs (often enough) from the add-up memory value in systems settings (thank’s to the support faq!).

But around 18 times as much, really?

I came from DT2go v2 (which I deleted some months ago), now version 3.6.2 which I think is the latest one. There are 6 databases with around 9 to 10 GB in sum (add-up from the info inside DT2go). In system settings the amount of space is shown with 182 GB.

Is there a way to manually “compact databases” without deleting and re-syncing (or reinstalling the app)?

Thanks for any ideas.

Is DEVONthink To Go 2.x still installed? Does rebooting the iPad make a difference?

Could you send us a support ticket from inside DEVONthink To Go? This gives us the Console.log file which may have more details on disk usage.

No, it’s not.
Rebooting makes no difference.

There are some confidential information (like sync names and adresses) inside. I’ll clean this up and send by PM?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. Thanks.

Follow-up for the community (and the devs of course)

Bad news. None of the tips or further investigation worked for me. Even reactivating an old iCloud (legacy) sync store and “remove all data” (but there were none) didn’t help. Maybe DT2go is not made for an 30k+ image database … (no, it had only preview size small images with about 6GB of data):wink:

So I deleted the app. After rebooting the iPad in system settings the free space indicator counted down from nearly 200 GB to now around 40 GB while sorting space usage into categories. Took about 7 Minutes …

Now the app “fly” again, sync is blastly fast again, local (Bonjour) and remote.

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Rightly or wrongly, as iOS devices are not as capable as macOS devices, I limit what I sync to the iPhone/iPad to be only that stuff I am currently working on (database called “Works in Progress”) and perhaps some stuff “To Read”. If I know I need everything while out and about, I’ll just take the MacBook which has limits not yet noticed.

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And we are also big advocates of this approach.

Strangely enough that I was doing. Maybe I should limit myself even more.

Dunno, frankly. Whatever is not now on the iOS device is making the difference.

Absolutely, please do!