Database structure differs completely in DTTG

Hello, I use DTTG 2.1.4 Premium Version. Syncing from one desktop Mac to another works without a hitch. Syncing to the iPad Air and iOS 10.3.2 all structure is lost in the synced databases. None of the groups I organize my files in exist in DTTG.

I copied the databases via iTunes (while iPad was connected by cable) as described by DevonTech.

By the way: I found the description for the syncing procedure none too clear. That could be way improved by DevonTech, please and thank you!

Why is the app losing the original database structure? Like this the unorganized items become utterly useless. Am I missing something or is the app misbehaving?

Thanks for any hint.

:question: Not sure what you are referring to, but this is not how to get your databases on the iPad.

You are describing abnormal methods and conditions. Please start a Support Ticket.

Hello, Jim,

thanks for the quick reply. If I’m not completely mistaken (and I cannot replay that sequence since the app is installed now) I got some information about how to initialize DTTG when starting it up for the first time. Something about: connect device, go to iTunes, select the app’s icon in the apps list on the left, scroll way down, click the app’s icon … then click «add» and choose an existing database from your desktop Mac to be added. Strangely, when I go there now there is nothing showing there. But before there were the two dbs listed that I copied over to the iPad.

Mmmmmh. I just see now that there is an update for DTTG. Maybe that helps.

Tell me again. In your opinion: what would have been the correct/working solution to sync databases?

Still more than puzzledly yours,

I am assuming you are syncing your desktops via Dropbox, iCloud or one of the other options in DT. If so, go to settings in DTTG and then tap the Sync box. You will see options to set up syncing, choose the one you are already using, import the database(s) et voila!