Database syncing – double checking my architecture


just wanted to confirm if I understand syncing and it’s possibilities correctly.
Constraint: using DEVONthink Pro (not Server).

The setup I require is to share my database(s) between me and my wife, be able to do search from anywhere on the planet, both on mobile or laptop (as a leaving Evernote user, this is what I had for the last 12 years - forgetting the web interface).

DEVONthink Dropbox sync option can deliver this. But the fact is, I also just left Dropbox, as they’ve have been annoying me relentlessly the last couple of years (topic for another day).

iCloud is an alternative, but this has the limitation of being Apple ID/iCloud account bound.

WebDav, I try not to go there. Same with CloudMe.

Local Sync Store seems to be a good one. Although you cannot store your databases “in use” on iCloud Drive, you can create a Local Sync Store on iCloud Drive. Share that with the wife, and she can sync the database locally.
Only drawback is that the database will be stored twice on the laptop.
But there is another drawback: no iOS support.

But, both me and the wife can sync to their own iCloud account. Third version, but with support for iOS.
All feature requirement checkboxes checked…

I’m I missing something? To convoluted?

Luckily my iCloud storage capacity is large enough to cope with above scenario.

What’s wrong with CloudMe?

From a functionality point of view, nothing (I guess, no experience). Just want to avoid an extra subscription if I can do it with my existing ones.

You’ve already correctly established the issues in the situation.

If you both don’t need constant updating, I’d suggest a Bonjour sync on your local network.

Been playing around testing the sync options, and I can’t get Local Sync Store to work.
I mean, it works just fine “outgoing”, but I do not see any remote databases to import.

So, what did I do.

On my MacBook I created a folder on my iCloud Drive called DEVONthink. This folder is shared with my wife.

From my MacBook I created a Local Sync Store called MacBook, and I sync’ed all my databases (Inbox, and the ones I created myself).

On my wife’s iMac, I also created a Local Sync Store called iMac, in the above created shared folder.
I also sync Inbox, and all the on the iMac created databases.

Both on the iMac, and on the MacBook, the section “Remote” remains empty…

What am I missing?

PS: I’m still on the trial version…

That will not work. You have two separate and disparate sync stores. You must be using the same sync store and not just one named the same.

Thanks for the swift reply.
But I’m still in the dark here. Sorry about that.

So I deleted the local sync store on the iMac. What are the steps to sync my MacBook databases?
When I click “Add Local Sync Store”, it only allow me to create one, not to link to one… The latter is what I’m missing here…

On the second machine, select the existing sync store and press Create. It will prompt about overwriting but ignore that and okay it.

OMG ;-).
I cancelled out that Dialog Box like a million times…
Let me suggest a “feature request” here ;-).

You’re welcome and the suggestion is noted.

What’s wrong with WebDAV?

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