database template?

I want to be able to create a fully structured blank database quickly using an existing one as a template. This is helpful if you want or need a common structure for different projects of the same type. In the past, I’ve simply duplicated a database file in the Finder and then populated it with new information, but this leads to “duplicate database uuid” errors in the log messages, and I don’t want duplicate uuids because this would ruin my AppleScripts. So is there some straightforward way of using a blank database as a template for new ones? I’ve seen a few very old forum posts on this question, but they don’t offer a very efficient solution. And DTPO doesn’t allow for the “Stationery pad” feature built into the Finder. As of now, I’ve resigned myself to keeping a locked blank database and doing a select-all-and-option-drag to put an old structure into a brand new database. Is there an easier or better way that I’m missing?

No, this is not currently possible (as outlined in this blog post: … m-scratch/).
You can always use Templates to create predefined structures, even utilitzing some automation via Applescript. Check out Data > New from Template > Project for an example.

It’s actually possible :slight_smile: Select the documents/groups that should be part of the template and choose File > Export > as Template…

Thanks. I will experiment with these features and see how I fare.