Database Template

is there a possibility to create a database template.
I think for several things like tax database, finance and correspondence I will creat each year a new database with current year in the data base name like correspondence 2020, correspondence 2021 etc…

Is ist possible, after I created a group structure do store this as a template?
Would be easier instead of creating each year everything from scratch…

Best devontier

Sorry but no you can’t make a database template.

You can create a group structure then export that vai File > Export > as Template. However, it will take a little massaging due to the way DEVONthink exports.

  1. Create a group called %year% Correspondence and export it as a template, e.g., Correspondence.dtTemplate.

  2. Select Data > New from Template > Open Templates Folder.

  3. Control-click your template in this folder and choose Show Package Contents.

  4. Change the hyphens back into percentage signs and close this window.

  5. Now use the template in your database.

In the past I’ve saved a group that contains subgroups as a template. When I try to create a new group using the template, I’m unable to choose the group from the template list, since when I choose that group the child “nodes” are displayed and the desired group loses focus and can’t be chosen.

Am I missing something?

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The next release will fix a glitch of templates, then step 1. & 5. will be sufficient.