Database Too Big - How to Move Parts of it?

Hi there,

ok, it may not have been the best idea this side of the galaxy to import all my mails - about 3M of them - into one database. So now I want to move e.g. one year worth of mails into a separate database. I’ve disabled spotlight search for both source and target databases. I’ve tried drag-and-drop as well as Date - Move, but the moment I do the move, the beach ball appears, and that’s it then. DTPO uses 100% of CPU and does not come back.

Is there any other way to recover the mails? I can use “the big database”, albeit it’s very slow, but when I try to move data, it just doesn’t work.


Mass moving of numberous files is best done via File > Export > Files and Folders to a newly created folder in the Finder.
You can then use File > Import > Files and Folders in the destination database.