Database Verification - Major File Errors

Hi there,

I have my DTP databases synchronized on my WebDAV server, so that I can (and do) access it from my MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone and iPad. My wife also accesses this particular database on multiple devices as well.

I just opened the database on my iMac using DTP 2.9.17, and was greeted with the error message:
Initial Verification: Household.dtBase2
Found 5 major file errors. Please restore the last backup or rebuild the database and verify the contents afterwards.

I rebuilt the database, but it has a pencil with a “no” sign though it, indicating that it’s not writeable (I think). I also received:
Verification: Household
Found 0 inconsistencies, 0 incorrect checksums, 0 missing and 0 orphaned files.

How can I resolve this issue? Should I simply delete it, and recreated it from my server, or can the current database be saved?

I can open it just fine on all of my other devices.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 7.37.06 PM.png

Is the database located on an internal/external drive and is there enough disk space available? Did DEVONthink crash or did you use “force quit”?

The most reliable fix is probably to trash the database and to reimport it from the sync store but please retain a copy (just in case that there should be other issues).

Hi there,

The database is stored in an encrypted DMG, that has 3.07GB available, on my internal drive. There was no crash, freeze or Force Quit. I have 2 other databases that are and have been open along side the Household database that’s having the issue. Any idea what may have caused the hiccup?

I’ll reimport the database from the WebDAV store.