Database vs group

I do not precisely uderstand when I would want to put something into a group compared to when I want to put something into a specific database. Is there an advantage to having a group rather than making a series of specific databases?
Thanks and please excuse my ignorance!

In very crude terms I regard a database as a collection of items with some common theme (in my case, for example, “Personal”, “Diaries”, “AppleScript”, “Manuals & Guides”, etc.). Then within each of those I use groups to hold items relevant to that database which also have some common theme within the database (for example, in “Personal”, receipts, bank statements, medical information, etc.).

I’m sure everyone will give you different answers - but that’s a tribute to the flexibility of DEVONThink. You really can organise it as you wish and as best suits the way you think.



I basically use a a single database and a single high level group
One large database that takes longer to load and process

Multiple databases

  • would allow me to be selective which database are sync’d to devices
  • impose limitations such as (researching)

My note organization is based on the tag feature, not on groups
(ignoring the fact that tags are special groups)

Check out the Help > Getting Started chapter as it covers the basic philosophy of DEVONthink and the core components. It also includes discussion on building a database.

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Thanks very much for all of your ideas!!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: