Databases don’t appear in Share menu ( iOS)

I’ve encountered a problem on my 2018 iPad Pro (iPad OS Beta 13.3), iPhone 11 Pro (iOS 13.2.3) and 9.7” iPad Pro (iOS 13.2.3). When I try to Share a document in Safari or Firefox my database lists does not appear. I typically can see only one database listed. I can actually Share the document using whatever database shows up in the Share list and it will appear in Devothink! 3 where I can send it to the appropriate database. The problem I’m experiencing is that only one database appears and I am unable to scroll through my list to choose a specific DB.

I force-restarted the 11” iPad Pro but that did nothing. The process does work correctly on my 12” MacBook running Catalina. Does anyone have any suggestions I might try? Thanks for any info



The information about the available databases is written to disk by DEVONthink To Go when you switch away from it. Maybe the indexing or sync wasn’t completed?

P.S. We have plans to make the share extension work similar to the Files app integration which would create a direct connection between the extension and its main app.

After further experimentation (on the 9.7” iPad Pro, 11” iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro) I ultimately discovered this problem is directly related to my device displays being in iOS Dark Mode.

I typically save web pages in Safari for various purposes. When I do so I use Reader Mode. I go to Print, then squeeze to get the share menu, then choose DT3. At this point (when in Light Mode), if I touch the area to the right of my database names all databases are revealed in a list, from which I can choose the appropriate database to which I send the Safari document. I also use the Share menu directly from the web page (not in Print menu) to get Markdown and other options. Again, depending on whether the device is in Dark Mode the visibility of the databases varies.

To recap, if I use Dark Mode, I am unable to see my database lists (essentially the text is rendered as white on a white background). If my devices are in Light Mode, the databases are visible (black text on white background)

The database list seems to have been present all along, it’s just that Dark Mode renders them “invisible.”

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

Thanks for any suggestions


And they will be visible again when we have updated DEVONthink To Go to support dark mode.

Thanks for the info Eric (I did hear you sigh :wink:). After my last post I kept poking around and happened on another response from you to someone on the related topic. I didn’t get a chance to post a “never mind” here before you posted. But thanks anyway for your time.

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