Databases unexpectedly lost from local

3 Pro. If I open the App, there are suddenly no databases shown. If I go to Settings iCloud, my 3 Databases are still there. I can open them by double click and they are sown as local. However if I close them they are gone from local. The 3 databases are still on the local drive, if I double click one it opens. However if I close its gone. How do I get Devonthink to automatically see the databases? Do I have to restore the sync? How?
I have been using DevonThink for many years, belong to the users who regard the program like a car. It should start and I don’t want to know why. That’s why I like the program. This confuses me. Cannot find the solution in the manual.
It runs on a second computer as well, am traveling don’t know what it does there.

Sorry, your post has me confused; what I understand you to be saying is that if a database is closed, it is no longer shown in DT - and that is the behaviour DT has always displayed for me.

Am I understanding you correctly that you have 3 databases stored on you local drive and synced via iCloud? If so, DT will typically display any database which was previously open when you last closed DT. Any database closed will not be displayed. To ease access to your databases you could - with them open - option-click and select add to favourites - that way you can open them rapidly if they are closed.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your problem; if so, please try and explain step for step what is going on. Cheers.

The way I usually open a database is either from the Finder, or from inside DT3 using File->Open Database… or sometimes File->Open Recent. In the case of the latter, the list of recently opened databases can be cleared by using the option Clear Menu at the bottom of the sub-menu, so that no recent databases are shown. The Recents menu is dynamically populated, which is to say that it fills up as and when you open databases. If you use File->Open Databases… you will have to navigate to wherever you saved the databases locally (by default that would be in the Databases folder inside your user folder).

Opening and closing databases is pretty simple stuff, and to use your analogy I would compare it with inserting a car key in the ignition and turning it. It would be worth learning about this to avoid future alarm and confusion. Just my view, but personally I would want to know exactly where my databases were and how to open, save and back them up. I would rather be in command of the computer, and not the other way round.

I hope you sort the problem out.

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There is a “recent databases” list in the sidebar. If you hover on it you’ll get a link to either show or hide it.

Is that what you would like to see?

Also, the sidebar itself can be hidden, and it can show different things. Put a check beside the menu option View -> Sidebar -> Navigate. That may resurrect what you need, too.

If I go to Settings iCloud, my 3 Databases are still there. I can open them by double click and they are sown as local.

This is not where you go to open databases. These are the synchronization preferences. And it’s correct that if you close a database, they will not show in the Local section of the sync preferences. However… again, that is not where you open databases.

You should be looking at File > Open Recent, the Recent Databases section of the Navigate sidebar, doing a Spotlight search in the Finde and/or double-clicking the .dtBase2 files in the Finder.