Date Added and File Conversion

I almost always sort my data by Date Added (and descending). The chronological order of items is important to me and it all works like a charm.

But now as I’m realizing the merits of Markdown more and more and Markdown handling in DEVONthink is constantly getting improved I am thinking about converting all my old RTF notes into Markdown notes.

The downside would be that the chronological order of items would be kaput as the Date Added of the converted files would be the moment of their conversion.

Data Added is the only date of a record that can’t be manipulated by script. So my question is: Is it possible that DEVONthink itself learns to transfer the Date Added of the original file to its converted incarnation (maybe just as an option)?

By the way: If not I would know how to handle this: Based on Date Added I’d create a date stamp (probably in Zettelkasten style) in the custom metadata of all my files (yes: all! Extensive backups would be an indispensable preparatory action!). And all new files would get it too. And then I would not sort by Date Added anymore but by that date stamp. Which normally would show the exact same order of items, just not in the cases of converted files.

No, Date Added cannot be changed as it’s specifically relative to the database.

Yes you could use a Zettelkasten style date if you’d like.
You could also use a a custom attribute with a Date data type and process it like so with a smart rule or Tools > Batch Process