Date AND TIME scripting help needed

I’ve been using DTPO for nearly a year now, have put the Modify Date script in place so we can return documents File Creation date to the correct date they should be as many files we have have been copied so many times the dates are messed up.

One problem we are still having and desperately need help with is the ability to not only change the date, but correct the TIME for the file as well. When we make a date change, while we get it on the correct date, the time cannot be edited which means that on a given day, an event that happens at 9am should obviously be ahead of an event that happens at 6pm…when we do the date change it defaults to 12AM for all files making creating a meaningful timeline down to the day level useless…

Anyone possibly have a script to accomplish correct date AND time?

P.S. on a totally different note, but since I’ve posted, might as well get all the help I can… :smiley: does anyone have any favorite “bad PDF” OCR data extraction tools for Mac they are absolutely “wowed” by? We have literally thousands of old PDF’s that were scanned apparently at as low as 72dpi and Abby Reader as well as latest version of Adobe Acrobat Pro can’t do anything with the data. What we’re hoping to accomplish is to somehow get as much useful data out of them as possible but no matter what we try, the data is non-OCR-able, but clearly visible computer based text on screen. Even tried printing it out and re-scanning a sample as high-res OCR with no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Please send an example to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll have a look at this.