Date not recognized in documents

Devonthink 3.8 MacOS 11.6.2.

It used to be when I scanned in a document Devonthink would generally find the date in the document and pre-pend it to the suggested filename. For some reason this is no longer working. The scan date is always prepended. Looked through preferences and didn’t see anything obvious that would change it.

I may simply have missed some sort of automatic renaming of records to a suggested file name in DT, but I’m a little surprised if I did. Obviously smart rules can automatically rename records (using, e.g. the Proposed Name placeholder), but you could change that behaviour yourself. Are you sure it was DT which was suggesting a file name and adding a date, rather than your scanner software?

And what have you changed in the last six months?

Never thought of that. Didn’t comprehend that the file name is created during the scan by the ScanSnap app, the file is saved, and then sent to DevonThink. Thanks!

As for what I’ve changed I think both the ScanSnap and DevonThink apps have been updated recently.