Dateinamen von Importen automatisch umbenennen mit Regel

That’s a very easy one!
The underlying code uses a UNIX command called sed. This does string replacements very easily, so in this case you only need to define the character to change, the _, and set the destination to -. The only place it would trip you up would be if you had a filename like “YYYY_MM_DD Minutes_Notes”. It would also replace the underscore between Minutes and Notes.

Regarding RegEx, you can find many resources online, some very deep and some nice little regex testers.

This is a deep dive but a great resource:

Here is another I like: with a nice quick start:

This is a unique tutorial with code testing:

Here is an online RegEx testing site:


Hello Jim,
ah yeah, just replacing “_” with “-” and a good filter did the trick.
Thank you very much for the information regarding RegEx.
BR Herb

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: