db conversion problems

hi there,

i have a v1.5 db mostly full of scanned documents which is about 4.5 gb in size.
when i try to open/convert it to dt pro office, i get a resulting db of about 3.3 gb. there is a large number of groups including their containing files missing.
the conversion log doesn’t show any errors but i can see that the export is handling about 3000 files while the import is importing only about 2000 files.

unfortunately, i have copied dt 2.0 over my old version of dt 1.5 and also just suffered from sudden hdd death syndrome twice over the last 6 weeks. in one of these crashes i lost my downloaded dmg of dt 1.5.

so either i find a way to fully import my databases into v2.0 or i need a link to re-download the latest 1.5 (1.5.4?) version, so that i can access my data. any suggestions are most appreciated.


The file count of v1.x & v2 databases might be different, especially if they contain sheets/forms. Therefore you might want to compare the statistics of the Database Properties panel.

See devon-technologies.com/suppo … ult&cat=19