DB Multi User Access Scenarios - Two Person Office

My husband and I work together in the same office. We both have licenses for DTPO, and we’ve started to use it to help us organize documents and data.

I would like to set up DTPO so that my partner and I can share the databases that we both need. We don’t need to work on the databases at the same time, we just need to be able to back each other up on some activities like archiving records, and scanning in client notes.

But we are working with sensitive client and financial data. If we lose it, we often can’t get it back. We currently use SpiderOak for synching documents between us and for offsite backup, since it’s zero-knowledge. DropBox, etc. won’t work.

We work on laptops and travel frequently, but always together.

After reading a lot of posts on the forum about synchronization, I think a low tech solution may work best for us. Here’s what I propose:

–Set up our DTPO databases on an encrypted external hard drive that is password protected.
–Transfer the external hard drive to whomever needs to work with the databases at the moment.
–Set up one of the two computers to back up the external hard drive to SpiderOak without synchronization (i.e. we’d restore the backup if we lost the hard drive or it crashed).

I’m thinking that the worst case scenario is that the external hard drive is at the office while someone’s working at home or vice versa.

Does anyone see any problems with this?

That sounds perfectly feasible.