DDTG contents not searchable by Files app

I tried to search from inside the Files app for a file that lives in my iPhone DDTG database. The Files app cannot “see” it, although I can manually browse and find the file through Files app. Any ideas why this happening?

Try this…

  1. Press the Help icon in the bottom toolbar.
  2. Go to Appendix > URL Commands > Performing Service Tasks.
  3. Press the Execute link under reindex-spotlight.

And what are you trying to find?

I am trying to find a file by its name, by searching for it through Files app

I tried the reindex: it crashes the app on the iphone and on the iPad no change (still cannot find the file)

unfortunately the DTTG files remain unsearcable for Files app

You might want to submit (or resubmit) a service request: