De-index a Folder

A quick question - is it possible to de-index (un-index?) a folder? I have a folder on an external drive indexed in my database. There are items in the folder on the external hard drive that I do want indexed in the database, but others that I do not. Now when I select the folder in the database DT automatically updates its contents, thus indexing the items that I don’t want. I can quite easily work around this by moving the indexed items within the database, deleting the folder in question and then replacing it with a non-indexed folder. But it occurred to me that the option to de-index might be available. I couldn’t find it, so I thought I would ask.

If you index a folder into a database, the contents (subfolders and all) will be indexed as well. If you don’t want the other folders, then don’t index the parent. Index the individual folders.

Thanks Bluefrog, I was aware of that. My question really is whether it’s possible to change the status of the parent folder when one no longer wishes every item within the parent folder to be indexed.