De-list a group from sync - how to?

Hi, i have marked several groups (folders including many sub-folders) to sync. Now I recognise that some of them are no longer needed, and I’d like to no longer sync them. I’ve put them into the sync folder by using replication.
Any tips how to do this?
Thanks for your help

Which version of DEVONthink do you use? Since version 2.9 this isn’t supported anymore, databases are always synchronized completely.

but still I’d like to clean up the “sync” folder.
How do I “de-replicate” a folder?
Thanks for your help!

More a workaround than a solution, perhaps: create a new database and move the non-sync folders into it. Don’t sync the new database

The latest version of DEVONthink is actually 3.0.4.

Just move the replicants from the sync group to the trash and empty the trash.