Dealing with replicants when splitting database

If I separate several large Groups (A, B, C) from my database (X), into their own DB, I assume that replicant links between A or B or C and X will be lost. Is there any remedy for this?

I see past posts about there being no way to find replicants, in order to convert them to duplicates, but maybe this has changed.

Not sure where you got that idea, but …


and/or (in Show Info)

Thank you. How confused can I be. If I leave the Advanced Search term box empty it does search just on the specified attributes. My search window looks different, though:

This search is just what I needed, to find duplicates (not replicants) en masse so I can sort results by location and then make those which are to be separated out, into replicants instead.

What korm pictured is the image of a Smart Group. Same results, and if you were to save your Advanced Search it will be saved as a Smart Group also.

Thanks, Greg.