Death of Openmeta, the beginning of the end. Thank God!

I know that Mailtags and Mail Acton are hacks to Mail app and using undocumented APIs and all, but I have loved and used these two programs for many years.

Ever since the developer switched to Openmeta, there have been nothing but problems.

Looks like Openmeta is leaving Mailtags. Downloading the latest Openmeta free version, I once again have Mail stability for the first time since, I don’t know when. THANK YOU!

From the Indev support forum: OpenMeta. Any chance of getting rid of this thing anytime soon?

The dev’s answer: Yes, in the latest internal builds it’s gone already. Link provided to latest beta in url below. … ytime-soon

I mention this post here due to the many posts open Openmeta on these forums and Devonthink’s support of this format, as well as the poster’s message which indicated he is awaiting Devonthink Pro Office to be able to index Mail, before jumping ship and removing Mailtags altogether.

Our Mail import has always supported MailTags and doesn’t need OpenMeta to work.