Deciphering the Server Log

Maybe I’m missing something, but what sort of information is suppossed to be decipherable from the server log in devonthink 3? I can see the browser I’m using to test and an I.P. address, but not the user who is accessing or what is being accessed (I do see “GET” followed by a meess of stuff -“view” or “action”).

I may be thinking of the log in the wrong way, but as my searching for details on the devonthink server log has been fruitless, I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if I messed up some setting or somehting else.

The log contains only HTTP requests and is similar to the logs of many servers. Each line contains IP, date, HTTP method, URL, HTTP version, referer and user agent.

Thanks for the info, I figured that was a possibility, wasn’t a criticism I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t messed anything up.

I had in mind a past login, basic setup for access (cpanel-siteground), for the last site i published. It would show the user that had logged in.
Thanks for clearing that up for me,