Deep linking within files

I’m new and I have the pro version of DEVONthink 3. I have tried searching for this all over the forum but some are old and I don’t know if its implemented already.

Can I link to a certain part of a pdf? or to an annotation e.g. highlights. I’m using obsidian and trying to send these types of links into obsidian. i know i can link to pages. but i want to link only the text i highlighted. any workarounds? thanks in advance !

You could try this script but I’m not sure if it works reliably with PDFs

For Rich Text files you can copy a paragraph link by highlighting the text of interest and then right-clicking.

I have not been able to figure out how to do something similar for PDF or Markdown files but maybe someone else can give some insight.

thanks for this! but is this for keyboard maestro or for DevonThink. I have both so no problem here. I just want to know where to place it into DEVONthink if that was the initial intention

for rich text I just use wiki links but I honestly use obsidian for my notes.

Welcome @obadiahcruz

You can’t link to annotations or paragraphs in a PDF. You can only access them in the Tools > Inspectors > Document > Annotations inspector.

You can use it in both, but I would try it in Script Editor first to see if it works for you.

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thank you for your reply! I believe you are one of the developers and im happy to be part of the ones who use this remarkable program! I saw the long thread about pane views and saw that you gave them what they needed. I just had to buy the program.

thankfully, the script that @pete31 recommended for me does exactly what I needed. it indeed allows me to find any part of a pdf.

I had to use it with keyboard maestro.

So in reality, yes, you can deep link any part inside of the files. this includes pdf

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it does work. thank you! I just have to make change it into [] ( ) if I want obsidian to use it

You’re welcome.
Actually, I am Support and Development documentation, but thanks for the nice words.

So in reality, yes, you can deep link any part inside of the files. this includes pdf

This may possible, but not out of the box, which is generally the perspective we are coming from.

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Oh! understood. well hopefully one day this can become a feature! im sure hundreds would love it today.

You’re welcome! keep doing what you’re doing. It’s good work.