Default database does not open automatically

If I try to Add to DV Pro a message from Mail, before launching DV, I get a message complaining that I need to choose a database first, or specify a default in database in the Preferences. This is despite the fact that a default database is specified.
Running DV Pro Office 1.3.4

Is the default database opened if you’re launching DT Pro on your own? And how long does it take to open the default database? Maybe it’s “just” a timeout.

Yes, the default database opens correctly when DT is launched.
Takes about 5 seconds to load. If is is a timeout, than DT should be programmed to wait till the database loads, or at least have that as a preference.

Do you use the email archiving of DT Pro Office or just the script of DT Pro? Almost all scripts require that a database has been opened before they can be used.

I use the “Add to DEVONthink Pro Office” from the Message menu in Mail.

What kind of machine are you using and how large is your database? If you want you can reference to this forum thread and send a system profile to (you can create this by going to Application > Utilities > System Profiler, and save the profile to disk).

Do you use a licensed copy? Because the splash screen of unlicensed copies might be delayed depending on the previous usage and this would explain the problem.

Of course!