Default Database in DTPO 2.0b2 doesn't work

Your hardware is not the issue as I am (still) using the same machine myself.

Are all of your databases a conversion from 1.5x? Try setting all 4 of your databases to not open by default, create a new db in DTPO 2, and see what happens with it.

Thanks, Greg. Good idea, but I already tried this more than once last week. The new databases perform identically to the four that I converted from 1.5.4.

None of my DTPO2 databases are set to open by default because if I do that there is no way any database can be coaxed into displaying by any method.

If you would want to zip and email me a small test database I’d be happy to see if I have the same issues on my end. PM me if that’s something you want to try.