Default External Editor

A simple problem (I think :confused: )
How do I change the default external editor? I know I can use the menu bar to open in whatever editor I want, but when I use the shortcut on the toolbar, it always opens in TextEdit.
I have looked under Preferences and Customize Toolbar and don’t see it.
calais reno :wink:

edit: this is in DT, not Devon Note, if it makes any difference.

For every document kind, DT uses the default app that’s set in OS X. It’s not a setting internal to DT. Some apps set themselves as the editor, other times you can modify the default in Finder, etc. DT just follows whatever is defined in OS X. So, if all you get is TextEdit, you’ll need to go to Finder (and read the instructions in Finder Help) to make a change.

BTW, there are many many many threads on this topic in these Forums. It might be helpful to click on Advanced Search and look for “external editor”.