Default font not working

In the Preferences dialog I have set Palatino 12 as the default font for imports, but I keep ending up with another font (Helvetica) for everything I copy-paste into DT. In fact, even when what I copy-paste is in Palatino in the original document, it ends up in Helvetica in DT. Puzzling, and slightly annoying.

So: I would like to be able to set a preference for Palatino as the default font for copy-paste into DT. Am I missing something obvious or. . . ?


It’s not a default font for importing but for viewing plain text contents. Therefore if an imported content is a rich text (e.g. if the source application copies rich text to the clipboard), the original layout is used and not modified. You could either use "Take Plain Note" or "Make Plain Text" to avoid this.

OK, so with the defaults set to Palatino, if I do copy-paste (or drag-and-drop) into a Rich Text window, the content is in the font of the originating application.

If I do the same into a Plain Text window, then I get Palatino. and

if I originate a Content in DT then the text is in DTs default font (in this case Palatino).

That makes good sense, doesn’t it? Another of those thoughtful little DEVONthink things.

Thanks for the clarification.