Default PDF Viewer

Brand new here.

Can Preview (or other) be set as the default PDF viewer?
I use the DTP viewer, but would rather have Preview be the double-click default. Is this possible?


Double-click will open the PDF in its own document window, in DEVONthink.

But if you customize the Toolbar by adding the ‘Open Externally’ icon (View > Customize Toolbar), the PDF will be opened under the parent application as defined in the Finder, such as Preview. That is, select a document, click on the ‘Open Externally’ icon in the toolbar and the file will be opened in the external application.

To set that in the Finder (if its not already Preview), go to the Finder and select any PDF file. Open the Info panel and define Preview as the application to open it. Then, immediately beneath that option, extend the ‘parent’ application to cover all PDFs.

Thank you.

I have been doing right-click, open with, etc
Because of your suggestion, I realized that shift-command-O opens external.
(had not considered the shift prior)