Default sort order of search results in Devonthink Pro 3?

How can I change the default sort order of search results in Devonthink Pro 3? It keeps changing back to View > Sort > by Relevance, but I’d like to keep it at View > Sort > by Date Added.

Hi @johnrellis, I believe this has to be set with the Hidden Preferences utilizing Terminal. From the Help documentation:

Search results are now always sorted by score by default. The former behavior can be enabled by setting the hidden preference PersistentSortingOfSearchResults .

You can browse the ‘Hidden Preferences’ section of the Help menu for instructions. Hope that helps!


Thanks much. For reference by others, the magic Terminal command is:

defaults write com.devon-technologies.think3 PersistentSortingOfSearchResults -bool TRUE

I searched the Help, the FAQ, and this forum but couldn’t find this gem (which is buried in Version History).

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No prob! Glad you got it resolved. Also, for future reference for this command and the other Hidden Preferences, it’s there in the Help (I should have initially provided the location). Navigate to:

Home > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences