Default style for Data > New > With Clipboard

The default text style for Data > New > With Clipboard (or command-N) on my machine is Times 9pt, which is unreadable. I’ve changed my Plain Text font (in Preferences) to the much better Lucida Grande 11, but New > With Clipboard files are unaffected.

Is there any way to change this? The clunkier workaround would be two steps: create a new RTF and then command-V to paste the clipboard to that file.

Michael U.

New With Clipboard should be creating files formatted in the manner the data is stored on the clipboard. The Help file somewhat cryptically states that DT “tries to select the most useful [format]” in the case where there are multiple formats on the clipboard.

If you open TextEdit (or other editor) and paste the clipboard (cmd-V) what results do you see? Should be the same as New With Clipboard, in most cases.

I hate to revive an old thread, but this particular quirk is bugging me. I would really prefer that “new with clipboard” would paste with my chosen default type face. I don’t really want the wide variety of type faces in various documents to clutter up my DT notes database. I’ll be sure to submit this as a feature request.

What you might want to try is creating your own template(s) and then do a Data>New From Template>path to your template. Open your custom template and select Paste With Current Style. You could even automate this easily enough with a script and attach your own custom shortcut.