Default viewer for remote PDFs wrong and crashing DevonThink

Good morning,

My default PDF viewer is set to Preview, which is just what I want. Opening a PDF works just as it should. For good measure I used Finder to set the default viewer for PDFs to Preview even though it was already set to Preview. Unfortunately, in some cases a captured PDF file ends up in DevonThink as a web address rather than the actual PDF. This generally happens in some cases when I am using the iOS app and syncing with my desktop. In those cases, clicking on the file results in the PDF opening in Adobe Acrobat and not in Preview. I would love to delete Acrobat from my system, but unfortunately need it to guarantee “accessibility” in documents for my employer. I really do not what Acrobat trying to open remote PDFs reference by a web url. Not only is this annoying but also from time to time DevonThink crashes or freezes when acrobat attempts to display a PDF within DevonThink’s window. How in the world do we turn off this behavior and ensure that DevonThink’s default viewer opens all PDFs regardless of whether they are stored in a database or referenced as a URL? Thanks for any help you can offer.

This generally happens in some cases when I am using the iOS app

Please clarify what this means.

Sorry for the long gap between the original reporting of the issue and an example. I save the following as a bookmark in DEVONthink several days ago while browsing:
It displays just fine on both the iPhone and an iPad Pro. Unfortunately, clicking on the bookmark locked up my desktop version of DEVONthink 3. DEVONthink tried to open the remote PDF in Acrobat. The default viewer for PDFs is set across my desktop system to Preview. I only use Acrobat to ensure Accessibility compliance in PDF files. It is, therefore, rarely open on my system. All other “normally” stored PDFs open correctly in DEVONthink’s window. I was browsing in Safari 13 on the most recent Catalina. I would have added the file using the DEVONthink button in the browser.