Default width/zoom for files

Is possible to set a default width/zoom for file (ex: pdf) so I don’t have to zoom eevry them i select them?

I’m running DEVONthink Pro Office 2.7.3 under OS X 10.9.3.

In a view window, e.g., Three Panes, if I click on a PDF document and choose View > Zoom to Width, it and any other PDF I select will have the Zoom to Width setting when displayed in the document display pane. (I also have View > PDF Display > Sidebar checked, so that the page icons appear).

If I open a selected PDF in its own window, it still has the Zoom to Width setting (but will lose that setting if I click on the green Resize button). I don’t click on the Resize button. Instead, it the PDF image isn’t large enough to read comfortably, I place the cursor on the right edge of the window and drag it to the right, to make it wider. The PDF stays in the Zoom to Width setting, and so the image width increases (text becomes larger).

The next time I open that PDF in its own window, it will remember the window size, as well as the page I was on when I closed the window.