synching only possible in DT Pro????

So I found the script written back in December 2006 to facilitate synching between one’s account and the DevonThink DB.

Is it truly necessary to use DT PRO to get such a basic feature to work or would it be supported in DT Personal also?

I realise I could import bookmarks to my browser and then use the “Import bookmarks from browser” feature in DT but that’s what one would have done in the 90’s.

Thanks for your attention.

Yes, this requires DEVONthink Pro as the Personal Edition isn’t scriptable.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion. 40 USD just to get synching - which must be considered a necessity even for personal users - is really too much.

Precisely the same reason I don’t own a car. Several thousand dollars just to get an AM/FM radio is ridiculous.

I don’t think you understand my point. I purchased DevonThink personal and am stunned that a basic feature like bookmark synching requires you to pay an additional 40 USD for a “pro” version. The personal edition offers import of bookmarks from various obscure browsers so I’m rather surprised to learn that a basic thing like import requires me to pay 40$ for a “pro upgrade”.

Your sarcastic analogy is therefore flawed.

habermas, I think possibly kp was reacting to the tone of your comments rather than their substance. When a newbie sounds harsh, old timers may put out their claws. There’s a social quality to this forum, set by our distinguished evangelist, that promotes courtesy and mutual assistance.

OK, to your substance. I don’t use, but it’s clearly important to you and others. When you say you want to synchronize bookmarks, do you mean that you want identical sets on different machines? And what role does DT play in that process? Maybe if you explain your methods a little more fully, someone here can help.

I synchronize my web bookmarks via .Mac, built in to the System Preferences. I upload the master copy, download it to various secondary machines, and .Mac will also let me see a web palette of those bookmarks.

Is your process like that, or different? I just made a search on for links on Darwin. It found 9869. To capture them, I’d use a utility like URL Manager Pro. It would also help me to compare two different captures, and verify the links, to isolate those that are dead.

I understand that the site will soon start spelling itself Delicious. That alone seems like a great improvement! is not a browser. Syncing browser bookmarks means importing data that lives locally on your machine. Syncing to your collection means going out to the web, accessing’s export function, and downloading and parsing the resulting HTML file. These are very different functions, requiring very different behavior from the destination software. That’s why one requires scripting–a “pro” feature–and the other does not.


I use, but do not sync it with DevonThink. What do I miss out on? (If it is really a neccesity that will save you a lot of time, then $40 is not that expensive.)


Sorry to tag onto an old thread, but I’m wondering if it is possible to synchronize my DT database with Delicious ( I used the included script to download it, but my question is specifically about syncing.

I’m using DT Pro Office 2.0pb1 on Mac OS 10.5.6.

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The script is currently only able to download & add bookmarks to the database but not vice versa.

Thanks for the reply.

That script worked for the first time but when I edited my bookmarks at Delicious (added a couple, removed a couple) and ran it again, it didn’t make any of the changes in DTPO.