Delay automatic indexing?


I use DT to index a directory, which contains files I do not want to be indexed, so I use Hazel to hide files which I do not want DT to index.

The problem is that DT indexes the files before Hazel adds the hidden flag.

Is there anyway to set a delay time for automatic indexing so that hazel can run before DT indexes?


I don’t think that there’s such a flag. Why not work the other way round and have Hazel move only those files to the folder that you want to index?

What does that hidden attribute do, anyway?

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You can add a hidden flag using the following bash command:

find . -name "*.ext" -exec chflags hidden {} \;

where .ext is the extension that you want to hide.

This hides the file in the finder, and DT does not index these hidden files. The problem I am having is that DT indexes before Hazel is able to add the flag.

I suppose I could use Hazel to move the files into an indexed folder.

this sound like a better idea to me.

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This is not something we would advocate for the average user to do. :flushed:

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