Delete and Redo OCR from file

HI, i have some OCRd PDFs that have only [?] symbols in their text. I cannot select any of it with useful content. strangely its a computer generated PDF … so it shouldn´t even need OCR in the first place … but the text is somehow scrambled and when i copy a text its just symbols

any way of redoing an OCR?


Hey :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!

Literally by redoing it - just select to OCR the record from the context menu. In my experience it is not so uncommon for PDFs to have “defective” text layers; I’m pretty sure it is intentional, and presumably somebody’s idea of copy protection or something.

i did that already, but did not change anything. … the pdf is merged with other pdfs inside of devonthink. does that change anything?

will try once more. thanks!

and thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:
have a great years end!