Delete button greyed out in Global inbox

If I add something to my global inbox, I can’t click the delete button to delete it, it’s greyed out. I have to use the context menu or drag it to a database. Once it’s in another database, I can delete it.

I’m a new user, and don’t understand why it’s set up like this or if it can be changed. I’d like to delete things easily from my global inbox.

I’d appreciate clarification.

The delete icon works fine, and is not grayed out, for me on documents in the Global Inbox. Just make sure that the document is selected (not just the inbox) and that you are not selecting the document from a Smart Group.

Thank you. I rebooted and know it works fine.

I have this problem, and it has not been solved by a reboot.

Any ideas?

I seem to have solved it for now, but not sure which factors were important.

After finding the greyed out delete button (which it has not always done in my three weeks of Devonthink) I found that the global inbox was not showing the Finder sidebar, even after installing and reinstalling the add-ons.

I had a hunch that it might be connected with having the Totalfinder plug-in installed, so I uninstalled it, reinstalled Devonthink plug-ins, and rebooted, and the global inbox now appears the Finder sidebar and the delete option is not greyed out.

I’m always cautious about installing utilities that hack OS X to change or add features. I keep my Macs pretty “standard” and – while I may lose some possible conveniences promised by hacks – I enjoy very stable Macs.

I agree Bill, though not sure the Totalfinder plug-in is any more of a hack than the Devonthink plug-ins…they just don’t seem to like each other and Devonthink is more of a priority, although I did like Totalfinder a lot.

I might try installing the Totalfinder plug-in after the Devonthink one and see if they will play nicely, sometimes the order or doing things is important.

AFAIK DEVONthink’s “Add Global Inbox in Save Dialogs” is just a one-time add-on that can also be manually installed by dragging Dt’s Inbox folder into Finder’s sidebar. That’s a standard, “non-hack Finder” capability.

TotalFinder’s functionality is provided through a constantly running plug-in that modifies Finder’s memory. Behavior like that is commonly called a “hack”.

Seems peculiar to me that TotalFinder and Dt’s sidebar Inbox would be incompatible. Do you have other non-default folders in Finder’s sidebar that TotalFinder cooperates with?

sjk is correct. The Inbox in the Finder sidebar is just an alias like any other folder you can drag there. We use the Install Add-Ons… option to people don’t have to find the Inbox themselves. No hack here.

Though, unlike a regular Finder alias, renaming a folder alias in Finder’s sidebar also renames the actual folder it refers to. That can be troublesome if you’re not aware of it.

Thanks for clarifications.

I have uninstalled Totalfinder now, but before I did so, I did have other non default sidebar folders which were no problem with Totalfinder.

Have you reported this to TotalFinder’s developer? Some comments on MacUpdate, without knowing Finder sidebar programmatic details, make me suspect it’s a TotalFinder rather than DEVONthink issue, e.g.:

[size=85][emphasis added][/size]

Yes I am sure you are right, although I din’t have any sidebar issues with it installed. The behaviour I reported (about the DT inbox not showing while TotalFinder was installed) was completely replicated on my other computer.

Now that I have been working without TotalFinder for a few days, I realise it was not such a big loss after all.