Delete/Close Database menu items disabled

Under what circumstances should the menu items “Delete Database” and “Close Database” be disabled? I commonly find this to be the case for various databases, but I can’t discern why. For example, I have one local database, not synced, that I’ve moved everything out of and now would like to delete. However, “Delete Database” is disabled (along with a bunch of other menu items).

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 8.17.58 AM

I find disabled menu items without explanation to be frustrating (unless obvious like Copy being disabled when nothing is selected). I understand it’s more development work/maintenance but I would prefer that the menu item remains enabled and explains why the action is unavailable when I attempt to use it.

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I disagree. Enabling menu items that are not available is irritating. If an action doesn’t make sense, it should be disabled instead of frustrating the user with a message.

Thanks for sharing your perspective. I see that my too-authoritative tone may have been off-putting, so I edited it.

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What is selected in the Navigate sidebar?

E.g. if the database is currently synchronized or verified in the background.