Delete Database from Local Sync Store


I was wondering if someone might be able to offer some advice on the following question.

I work from two different computers (iMac and MacBook Pro) and keep my databases on both machines in sync via a local sync store on my home server. I have been using this setup without any problems (that I know of, anyways :wink:) for nearly a year now.

Recently I have consolidated all databases into just three, and my question is now, can anyone offer some guidance on how I could delete the now defunct databases from the local sync store (I’ve looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it out)?

I’d really appreciate any pointers. Thanks a lot!

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Did you already delete the other databases that you consolidated?

yes, I have deleted these (after moving all the data into the consolidated databases) on both machines with “Delete Database” from within DTPO (not from the Finder). And since I have synced them to the local sync storage after moving the data and before deleting the database (i.e. with the databases already empty), I would expect the remaining synced version of it in the local sync storage to now be empty as well. However, the (likely empty) database file still exists in the local sync storage (can be seen in the Preferences/Sync/Import Database … dialogue), and I was wondering if there is any way to delete it from there?

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Deleting a database does not delete Sync data (and if you think about this, it could be disastrous if it did).

You could do two things…

  1. Assuming you have Synced the new databases to the syncStore, run this in Script Editor

tell application id "DNtp" to get uuid of every database

```Now, locate your syncStore, right-click and choose “Show Package Contents”. Look in the databases folder and delete any folder not in the list from the script.

2. Delete the entire old syncStore. Create a new one and Sync to it.

thanks a lot for the prompt feedback; sincerely appreciate the advice!

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No problem. :smiley:

Not sure how new this is, but none of this is necessary as of today using DT Pro 2.9.10 (nor did the previously mentioned AppleScript return all databases, weird).

All you need to do is open the Sync preferences, select the sync database you’d like to remove, click the gear menu, and select “Clean database…”.