Delete from DT and Finder in one step.

I searched thru the user forum looking to see how to remove items from the finder when I delete it in the DT file. I found an answer by bill_deville (20 Jul 2006. But it is very old.
I tried it and it doesn’t seem to work, maybe it has changed or I am missing something.

I am finding many duplicates from adding different file folders and need to sort them and delete from my files in the finder. I don’t want them in the finder files at all.

EX. I have Finder folders A and B, each have some duplicates that I want to remove from their folder. I move them to DT and the Duplicate DT folder shows the duplicates. If I delete them (items) from DT they are still in the Finder folders.

I have over a thousand duplicates so I want to remove them in one step and not to then remove them from DT and Finder in two steps.

Any Suggestions?


If you import files into DEVONthink, it creates copies of the files.

If you use File > Import > Files and Folder, you can check the checkbox to move the originals to the Trash.

If you drag and drop into DEVONthink, holding the Command key will move the files instead of copying them.

Note: DEVONthink is not a duplicate file detector. A Duplicate is not necessarily a byte-for-byte copy. It is a relative match.

If you drag and drop into DEVONthink, holding the Command key will move the files instead of copying them.

Thanks for the quick reply. After doing this will I be able to delete the duplicates and then the ones left, move them back to the finder for use in a slide show?

I’m not sure what you’re using DEVONthink as an intermediary for. Could you explain what you’re trying to do?

I wanted to try it as a duplicat finder and you gave me the answer I wanted. I tried the steps and answered my last question by creating a TEST database and moving test folders with Command Key, deleted a few duplicates then moved the remaiming files back to the finder. That worked but not satisfied with how I would go about deleting duplicates. I have dificulty reading the Thin bar above the main page. I can’t find a way to enlarge the font.

I use an app called Duplicate Detective which works well, but still need to go one duplicate at a time. It came up with 609 duplicates :frowning: I’ll have to use it. It works very well but thought I would try DT duplicate feature.

Thanks for you time,