Delete local document

Hi all,

I have DTTG setup to point to my WebDAV server, and to only download content On demand. However, in the interest of disk space, is there a way to remove an item from my iPhone or iPad, yet keep it on the WebDAV server, until the next time I need it again? I don’t see a way by which to do this, but I’m probably overlooking it.


Left swipe > More > Purge will remove the content from the device. It has no effect on the sync data (and it would be a very bad thing if it did).

Note: The Keep slider in DTTG’s Settings also has an influence over how much downloaded content is kept.

On my iPad, the “more” choice leads to a short list, but purge is not in it. I tested this in a bookmark file in the global inbox after I downloaded it (DDTG set up for “on demand”). There is the choice to “move to trash” in red. Is that what you mean? Other choices are “move”, “replicate”, etc.

This is to be done on a fully synced file, ie. it has its contents downloaded.

thanks again. Yes, that is the problem. All my devices (other than the host Mac) are in the process of syncing with the store. The sync process is still going on but I can view some of the files, on demand.

Thanks Jim. As always, your information is very much appreciated.

You’re very welcome. :smiley: