Delete/Reinstall DTTG

Given the corruption problems which I have experienced, is it possible to delete DTTG from my iPad and reinstall it without any further corruption problems propagating back to the Desktop version?

What I’m looking for is a complete reinstall and at the same time to alter my sync method to CloudKit which is supposed to be faster and more reliable.

If anyone has any hints/tips on how to do this without incurring a shed load of problems I would be grateful.

As this is your first post - which problems did you actually experience?

Thanks for the reply. One database presented differently which is irritating but OK, whilst the other went missing. Admittedly the vanishing one was an import from Yojimbo, but still. I say vanished but it’s there but empty.

Easiest is to do a complete delete/reinstall provided that it doesn’t cause any major probs that propagate back to the Desktop. (Note Desktop is v361 which I’m about to update to v362).

When I upgraded from DTTG v2 to v3 I left the sync method alone to avoid probs, but if I’m going to delete/reinstall I may as well change to CloudKit as this is supposed to be more reliable. Unless of course it is going to cause problems.

This is definitely an option, after reinstalling you would have to import the databases again via the preferred sync location.

Thanks Christian. I’ll give it a try later on.

Delete/Reinstall complete but the database is still not showing those entries imported from Yojimbo. ‘Yojimbo’ is greyed out with the sub-title empty group.

Everything else appears in the Desktop version, both the Yojimbo import together with one from Evernote. The latter appears in DTTG as both Groups and formatted notes.

Can’t quite see where I go from here.

DT 3.6.2 DTTG 3.0.3 MacOS 10.15.7

Select ? > Contact Us in DEVONthink To Go to start a support ticket.

Support ticket sent.

Not yet seen an automated acknowledgement of receipt of the support ticket…

Just sent another support request 17031 Expected an automated acknowledgement of receipt but none so far…