Delete Row in Sheet Nearly Impossible

I’m pulling my hair out here trying to delete a row in a sheet, and it seems far harder than it should be.

First, I would have thought I should select the row and click the Delete button in the toolbar. However, it’s nearly impossible to select a row, since DT always opens a cell for editing, and the only way to select the row is to press Escape after clicking in a Cell. The Sheet view desperately needs a row number column (like a spreadsheet) imho.

Second, even when I DO select a row, the Delete button remains grayed out. That’s pretty non-intuitive.

So I looked in Help and it says use Data > Sheets > Delete Row.

But there is no such menu item. In the Data > Sheets menu I see stuff for Add/Delete column, but no Delete Row.

Sigh. So how do I delete a row from a DT sheet. It should be simple, yet it’s defeated me.

btw, sometimes the Delete button IS available when a row is selected, but it deletes the entire sheet.

When editing a Sheet it’s best to open it in its own window, so that the applicable Toolbar commands are visible.

Select a row to be deleted and click on the ‘Delete Record’ icon in the Toolbar.

Aha! … of all the obvious things i didnt try opening a distinct window. Thanks, makes things MUCH easier :slight_smile:


Thanks for the hint, this should be Edit > Delete.