Delete sub groups on DTTG

I tried to create a sub group on DTTG under “Travel” a group in one of my DT databases. I had one sub group under there called “Paris” and wanted to create a new sub group under Travel called “Los Angeles” so I hit the + button and it added another “Travel” under “Travel” so then it was Travel>Travel>Paris. I tried to fix it and somehow added another Travel in there so there are 3 nested Travel groups and sub groups and Paris under that. How do I get rid of the 2 extra Travel sub groups and keep Paris? And after that how do I add Los Angeles under Travel without adding another Travel?

Just move the Paris group two levels up by dragging it to the < button and holding until the automatic navigation kicks in or long-press it and choose Move… from the context menu. Delete the obsolete Travel groups by swiping left or long-pressing and choosing Trash from the context menu. Just like you would do in, e.g., also Apple Mail.

Perfect, that worked. Thank you very much!