Delete vs. Delete all instances


I added an item to a group and added two tags to the item.

  • When I click on the group and then on the item and delete it there it will be deleted and removed from both tags.

  • When I click on the tag and then on the item and delete it there it will not get deleted, but the tag gets removed from the item. It still stays in the group and the other tag.

  • But I could use “Delete all instances” and then, inside of a tag, the same happens like when I delete from a group.

  • Inside of a smart group theres no delete. Only “Delete all instances” works there.

It feels a bit like the Mac address book where you can decide if you want to remove from the group (DT: Tag) or delete the item, but it also feels inconsistent. Maybe it would better to rename “Delete all instances” to “Delete” and to add something like “Remove from tag” and “Remove from group” to make clear what happens, when and why.


Presumably you mean Move to Trash and Move All Instances to Trash commands under the Data menu. Edit > Delete is for deleting text regions.

Then what would you name the command for deleting (moving to Trash) a single instance of a replicated item?