deleted items re-appreaing in my inbox


Folders that I imported weeks ago keep re-apearring in my Global Inbox. The folders are either empty, or have subfolders - which are empty. So numerous folders, but never any files.

I keep moving them to the trash but then they keep re-appearing (but not instantly).

I’m syncing my databases via iCloud.

Currently I have 5 instances of 6 separate folders. Looking at the info for each folder shows that 2 instances were created today, and five yesterday.

Help. How do i get rid of these once and for all?

Do you synchronize your databases only with other Macs or also with DEVONthink To Go? Are the folders indexed or imported?

Hi, yes I synchronise to one other Mac and to one iPad at the moment. The databases are imported rather indexed.



Were you previously syncing with another method, like Dropbox?
Is that location still active?

Are you emptying the Trash and deleting your Mac’s trash?

Hi, I certainly am. Quite often.

Hi, I have tried other iCould syncs (and subsequently removed) the same with Dropbox (that’s cleaned and removed too).