Deleted Tags keep appearing

Hi everybody,

I’ve been having quite a few big headaches with the tagging. I initially tagged my documents and then find a better way to organize them, so that I deleted the old tags and used new ones, which where better organized and make it easier for me to find my documents. The problem is that although I deleted the old tags, and even emptied the trash (selecting deleting files & folders), when I use the command Update the index items (since I’ve introduced new documents to the folder), the old tags appear again. The new ones still remain, but the problem is that again I have to select the old tags and delete them. It is even more problematic, since some of the documents that I’ve tagged using the new tags revert to the old ones, so that instead of simply deleting the tags folders I have to check for each one of the documents in the old tags that they are included in the new ones.
It is curious because this happens sometimes, not always. I just noticed this behavior a few days ago, and realized that when I emptied the trash I didn’t select delete file&folders but just delete from database. By selecting the first option I was able to temporarily solve the problem, but then today it happened again.
It seems like DT keeps in memory the old tags, so that I would like to know how the hell do I delete from DT memory the old tags.

Thank you very much for your help