Hi Korm

many thanks for the script and you efforts but when I run this it only collects the first item on the See Also list.

This maybe down to how I compiled the script of course, I copied and pasted it into the script editor, then saved it as a script (.scpt) into the DevonThink scripts folder.

In the meantime I have discovered two possibilities that allow me to move forward. I can create a Table of Contents and then use either a web service

Mark it Down (

or an app called

Texts (

to convert the RTF links to markdown. Both work equally well.



With respect, I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t work, nor that it wasn’t tested. I merely reported that when I run the script I get the result I indicated. To that end I reported how I complied the script, lest I mucked things up there. If it’s of any relevance I’m on DTPO 2.8.5 and a beta of 10.11.

Again, thanks you for your time. No offence was intended.

There should be no expectation of proper behavior on a beta OS. It is inadvisable to use a beta OS for mission-critical work. The problems you are experiencing with korm’s script could be entirely related to OS changes, not a DEVONtech issue.

Absolutely and that’s why I mentioned it. But please, don’t anyone waste any more time and upset on this.